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HAPPY TAILS - Loving care when you're not there

Hello and welcome!

If you have a hectic lifestyle, work too many hours, or simply have little spare time, Happy Tails is here to help you and your pet.

While you are at work, slaving away to earn the money for next bag of puppy chow, your dog can have fun forest walks, completely away from traffic, and frolic with other friendly dogs. Sounds like fun? It is!

Dog Walking

I will pick up your dog from your home or workplace and walk him for 1 hour. During the walk your dog can be on or off the leash according to your specifications.

Dog Sitting / Doggy Daycare

Is your dog home alone and bored from Monday til Friday? Why not let him join my pack of daycare dogs. You drop your dog off before you go to work and pick him up on your way home in the evening. He will be exercised and happy, and ready to enjoy the rest of the day with his owner.

Do you have to go away but don't want to put your dog into a kennel. I can take care of your dog in my home (no crates!) or I can visit him at your home, feed and walk him. I can only welcome a limited number of dogs in my home so remember to call in advance.

Cat Sitting

Many cats don't like to move out of their home to spend a couple of days or weeks in a busy and often stressful cat kennel. Better leave the tiger in his apartment where he feels safe. During my visits I will feed your cat, play with her, and of course clean her toilet.


Are you struggling to train your dog? Do you have a new puppy and don't know where to start? Dogs love the outdoors and the company of other dogs. This is even more true for puppies. Seperation anxiety accompanied by destructive behaviour, crying, barking etc. is all too often the behaviour of a lonely, bored puppy. By allowing your dog to socialize with other dogs, you are helping your pup to develop into a mature and confident dog.

How does it work

My service is available subject to a free consultation visit. This is an important opportunity for all parties to get to know each other and to discuss each other requirements. Also, necessary paperwork (Owner contact details, pets details, consent forms) need to be filled in.

About me

I have lived with dogs my entire life. These days, I have 2 whippets called Leni and Fritz.

During my 10-year stay in New York, I worked for MIGHTY MUTTS, a dog rescue organisation. Our mission was to catch stray dogs off the streets of Brooklyn and the Bronx, and find them loving homes. As most of these dogs had never lived with a person and a lot of them had been badly mistreated, they had to learn to trust people and get socialized before they could get adopted. I worked with John Contino, founder of Mighty Mutts, and dog trainer, for 6 years.

Back in Luxembourg, I decided I needed a new fullfilling challenge. It seemed the most natural thing to do at this point in my life is to combine my passion for dogs coupled with the love of the outdoors and start my own dog business.

Manon Gaasch

To find out more please ...

Call 691-10 1968 or email me [email protected]